Tupac Shakur was a popular hip hop artist in the 1990s. He died September 13th, 1996 at the age of 25.He was shot and killed in a drive by. The Las Vegas Polive DepartmentThe Las Vegas Police Department opened his murder case and after many theories they never closed the case. This was becuase of lack of evidence and people not talking. Until recently. A former south side crip member, Dwayne Keefe Davis(AKA 'Keefe D') addmitted to be an accsessorie to the murder in a 2018 interview. The reason why Keefe D's statement seems true is beacuase everyone else directly envolved in the murder of Tupac Shakur was already dead. Keefe D had multiple drug charges that were said would be droped if he told the whole truth about the Tupac murder. If they find any lies in what he said the deal would be off that table and he would go to prison. Keefe D also stated, “People have been pursuing me for 20 years, I’m coming out now because I have cancer. And I have nothing else to lose. All I care about now is the truth.” in the interview with Greg Kading this was the story Keefe D told.(Click here to watch the interwiew)

3 hours before Tupac getting shot, Keefe D's nephew, Orlando Anderson (AKA 'Baby Lane') was jumped by Tupac and Death Row Records since earlier Orlando and other South Side Crips jumped Lane (A death row member) and attempted to steal his Death Row Chain. After a Mike Tyson fight at the MGM Grand Tupac spotted Orlando and jumped him. This was caught on camera (click here for footage)

Orlando, Keefe D, Zip (A member of Bad Boy Records), and a few othe South Side Crips met up at car park in Vegas. Zip offers Keefe D a 40 caliber Glock that was hidden in his Mercedes Benz in the armrest. There was a witness that stated that they heard Orlando say "F*** that S***, what Tupac think he is? we gang bang out here."

Keefe D, Orlando, Puffy and Zip waited for 15-20 minutes at 'Club 662" where Tupac and Death Row Records were expected to show up but they didn't. So Keefe D decided to go in the white cadilac that was driven by Terrance Brown, in the front passenger was Keefe D, behind Keef D was his nephew, Orlando and next to orlando was Deandre smith.

they drove around looking for Tupac. they drove up on Harmon Street at the Las Vegas Boulevard and they notice a BMW with a gang of cars. they also notice girls driving next to the BMW and thats when they notice Tupac. The girls car was on the left lane, the BMW in the middle and Keefe D pulled up on the right side. Keefe D thought that the driver, Terrance Brown was going to pull up on his sided so Keefe D could pop him. Keefe D stated "I thought he was gonna pull up on my side. You know that my little nephew, I wanna look out for him." "If we woulda been on my side I woulda blasted him." It would of been impractical for Keefe D to shoot him so he goes to pass the gun to Deandre Smith who would of been in the most convenient possission but he put his hands up and turned it down. Orlan reachers forward and says "give me that mother f***er. He leans over Deandre smith out the window and starts shooting at the BMW. Tupac was trying to jump into the backseat and Suge Knight was just ducking.